Project Description

  • Solution:
  • Public Safety
  • Industry:
  • Search & Rescue and Other Agencies

The Need

Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1), an urban search and rescue team, needed a better way to gather and report real-time information when responding to disasters.

The Solution

TX-TF1 equips all of its first responders with nFocus GeoSuite, a web-based, advanced situational awareness and information sharing solution for first responders.

The Benefit

TX-TF1 has enjoyed a number of benefits since deployment of GeoSuite, including:

  • Enhanced safety for rescuers
  • Real-time visibility and updates
  • Layers of information
  • Ease of use
  • Greater efficiency for first responders
  • Robust Reporting

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    We got the call for a tornado deployment, borrowed some smartphones, loaded the GeoSuite app, and handed the phones out to our rescue crews. … They were very surprised at how easy it was to use. They like GeoSuite a lot.

    Susann Brown, Search Team Manager, Texas Task Force 1


    Everything is big in Texas—including the weather. The large landmass of the state experiences more tornados per year (averaging 139) than any other state, and it can get hammered by thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes from both the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific, all of which can trigger flash floods, wind damage, or send rivers over their banks.

    When disasters strike, the Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1), an urban search and rescue team headquartered in College Station, Texas leaps into action as first responders. TX-TF1 has more than over 600 members—including firefighters, doctors, nurses, structural engineers, canine handlers, professors, and police officers—from more than 60 organizations throughout the state. Rescue teams can consist of water rescue squads, helicopter search and rescue squads, search and rescue overhead teams, transportation support platoons, and more.

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