Project Description

  • Solution:
  • Measure Program Reach
  • Industry:
  • Community Solutions

The Need

Youth-serving organizations interested in migrating from legacy participant management systems to the upgraded TraxSolutions version 8.

The Client

The Police Athletic League (PAL) of NYC, which offers numerous constructive programs to more than 35,000 kids while also promoting positive relationships between NYC police officers and both PAL kids and the larger community.

The Solution

nFocus Solutions worked closely with NYC PAL to ensure a seamless transition to TraxSolutions version 8.

The Benefits

Since migrating to TraxSolutions version 8, NYC PAL has enjoyed a number of benefits, including:

  • New interface that’s easier for new staff to learn
  • Ability to work from any browser
  • Robust central repository
  • Ability to directly input attendance when working from small sites
  • Flexible reporting

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    We compare reports regularly to make sure that we’re meeting all our performance targets. And of course every time we create a proposal, or generate a report on our services, the demographic information from Trax8 is essential.

    Ron Baltazar, Manager of Evaluation and Research, NYC PAL


    In 1914, motivated by his concern over poor children living in congested tenements in New York City (NYC), Police Commissioner Arthur Woods organized citywide vacant lots to be used as playgrounds. The efforts of Woods, combined with various similarly dedicated NYC officers and stakeholders in later years, culminated in what is now NYC’s largest independent youth development nonprofit organization: The Police Athletic League (PAL).

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