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When the Club was established in 1999, it served just over 30 members. By January of 2008, the Club was serving around 120 members daily. This figure increased that summer to approximately 160. In the most recent six months, the Club saw an average daily attendance rate of just under 136 people.


After experiencing exponential growth in membership, the Club shifted its emphasis from a superficial tracking process to becoming more data driven. After adopting the TraxSolutions advanced membership tracking system, Club leaders were able to see the impact their programs were having, build organization capacity and become a greater contributor to their community.


TraxSolutions “KidTrax” participant management system, is an integral part of the daily operations of the Club, providing easy access to important data on metrics such as demographics and attendance. Statistics such as income level and head of household employment status have been valuable for the Club to capture, particularly when appealing to potential donors.

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    Quality of data is what is attractive to investment donors.

    Chris Poynter, Assistant Executive Director


    Boys & Girls Club of Maury County is also participating in the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) National Youth Outcomes Initiative. This initiative is an effort to assist clubs in demonstrating the impact they are having on their youth by targeting three specific outcome areas: academic success, good character and citizenship and healthy lifestyles. By submitting elements of its data to BGCA, the Club has an opportunity to compare its performance relating to these outcome areas to other clubs on a local, regional and national level. Poynter said this has been a helpful exercise to be able to see this comparison across the board.

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