GeoSuite™ is a web-based, multimedia system that provides advanced situational awareness and information sharing for public safety personnel, including police officers, search and rescue workers and first responders. Users collect, report and share real-time information for enhanced decision-making and effective response during emergencies, public events or Operations Center management.

What made GeoSuite different from every other solution we had looked at is that it’s so complete.

Susann Brown, Search Team Manager, Texas Task Force 1

GeoSuite Core Features

GeoSuite is a complete solution for emergency responders and search and rescue personnel who need a common operating picture for coordinating disaster response across multiple agencies in rapidly changing conditions.

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Users at all levels can view real-time updates on mission events and locations of deployed users.

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Media-Rich Communication

Users can collect and add media-rich information, including images, video and documents, to increase situational awareness

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Intuitive User Interface

A simple, user-friendly map-based interface allows new users to interact with the system after minimal training.

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Built for Mobility

GeoSuite’s mobile app allows users to access all features and collaborate in real time with disparate teams and command centers.

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Adaptable Infrastructure

Whether an existing infrastructure is in place or a new system needs to be developed from the ground up, nFocus Solutions can help determine an optimized, secure solution specifically for your situation.

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Scalable Implementation

From agencies with small teams to large scale enterprise deployments—as your team grows, GeoSuite grows with you.

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GeoSuite Modules

Whatever your mission or command structure, GeoSuite™ scales to your needs. As your team grows, GeoSuite grows with you.

GeoSuite Product Sheet

Download our product sheet to discover how GeoSuite advanced situational awareness for public saftey personnel.

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Case Studies

Texas Task Force 1 & Hurricane Harvey

In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept through Southeast Texas with overwhelming destruction. FEMA team Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) oversaw nearly 25% of rescue workers.

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Texas Task Force 1 Case Study

When disasters strike, Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) urban search and rescue leaps into action. TX-TF1 has been using GeoSuite for communication and data infrastructure since 2013.

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Superbowl XLIX Case Study

This case study encompasses the planning, execution, delivery and operations of the GeoSuite capability across the Phoenix region to support Super Bowl XLIX and other local events.

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