First Responders

Providing the public safety sector with cutting edge technology

Public safety technology is evolving. Break down communication barriers with GeoSuite—a tactical- and enterprise- level solution that allows users to disseminate information efficiently and effectively. GeoSuite provides inter-agency collaboration throughout disparate locations and lets all organizations see events and situations in real time. After all, situational awareness is key when it comes to safety, security and success.

With a web-based application developed specifically for field use, end users of GeoSuite can be in constant contact during an event or an operation, saving time, resources and lives.

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Urban Search and Rescue

GeoSuite is the premier solution used by Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1)—the most deployed search and rescue team in the nation. The team first realized the efficacy of GeoSuite when they were activated for the Moore, Okla. F-5 tornado in 2013. Every detail of the mission was viewed and recorded in GeoSuite by members of the unit, helping them complete the mission 24 hours early.

Emergency Management & Emergency Operations Centers

Because GeoSuite is able to aggregate field-level and other relevant data, it offers a unique view of incidents directly from teams working in the field. Therefore, EOC managers can make more informed decisions and ensure that support is available and nearby the moment it’s needed. GeoSuite currently supports the Texas Department of Emergency Management throughout the state.

First Responders

GeoSuite can be used to provide multi-agency incident response capabilities on a day-to-day basis, as well as for the planning and execution of city-wide events like the Waste Management Phoenix Open, NASCAR races and Super Bowl XLIX.

GeoSuite is also used by the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) and is key in bringing together first responders across the Phoenix Metroplex.