Department of Defense

Ensure proficiency with advanced training solutions

Completing all essential training and ensuring mission readiness is the key to success for the Department of Defense. That’s why the the U.S. Army looks to nFocus Solutions to provide soldiers advanced training solutions that monitor the performance of individuals and units.

Find out how our training management software helps ensure that 2.3 million soldiers are mission ready.

Track Training and Learning

Our powerful training management software created for the U.S. Army, assists in managing training requirements, delivery and performance. In addition, our software works in concert with deployed training and simulation systems.

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Get an In-Depth View of Performance

Software that creates, manages and publishes standards and training guides is paramount. Our solutions assist in the dissemination of curriculum and content for the Department of Defense.

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Manage Information and Curriculum

Organizations thrive on information about the status of their operations, the pace of their growth and the output of their employees. Our software collects data that is crucial when measuring the health of an organization or a company.

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nFocus Solutions plays a key role in the development of DTMS—the Army’s backbone for training our nation’s soldiers. Find out how DTMS is helping to make sure they are proficient and skilled.

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